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Monday - The day of the wedding

So proud of my beautiful daughter

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The ceremony

The ceremony

Now it’s the day of the wedding. After a quick “continental” breakfast we needed to take Maz up to the motel where Alyson was getting ready but could we find it?? Nope

We went to where we thought it was but that was the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa Not the Los Abrigados Lodge where she was staying. After driving around and whilst I was waiting for my Sue to ask in a shop if they knew where it was, I saw Jeremy drive past with his sister who was the other bride’s maid. I then got a text asking if I was stopped by the motel! He was lost too!

Eventually we all found our way to the right motel and dropped off the 2 bride’s maids. We then thought it a good idea to find out where the ceremony would be held as it seemed no one knew where that was either. After a bit of driving we found the road off of the main road to where it would be. Then dashed back to our motel to get ready. Finally we picked up Maz’s Dan and went back to the Los Abrigados Lodge so as the English contingency could follow us.
But then my ex’s partner was off buying a tie as he forgot to bring one and my ex also wanted to see Alyson in her wedding dress before she left. Finally 20 mins late everyone was ready.

Poor Jeremy must have been wondering what was going on as he and his family were waiting all this time.
We all left in convoy Sue and I up ahead followed by the rest and the Bride’s limo. Everything from then on went to plan except due to the melting snow in Flagstaff the river was too high to cross on the stepping stones so the ceremony was held in an alternative spot which was still beautiful.

Everyone had gone ahead and whilst they waited I lead the way with my daughter followed by the bride’s maids & wedding planner. It was so emotional for me. I tried to hold it all back but I could not help shedding a few tears. It was my baby girl after all even though she was 25 hahaha.

The ceremony was beautiful and many of us shed a tear or 2. Then, it was all over!!

Time for the photographs. Sue took a load during the ceremony then I took over when I wasn’t posing for the official photographs.
When all was done it was off to the Heart Line Café for the reception which everyone again followed me as I had found it earlier. Alyson and Jeremy went off in their limo with a bottle of champagne and a little gift I had left - “What to do before and after pregnancy” DVD and some condoms with instructions on how to use them hahaha.

I had written my speech and typed it out before we left England and whilst in Sedona I had made a crib sheet. But when it came to my turn to speak up I dumped it and just said what I felt was in keeping with the surroundings. A relaxed slightly humorous speech and one where I would not get too emotional again. And I almost did it until I made a toast to Mr & Mrs (took a deep breath here) Redinger. And that was my part over.

It was a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful place with a beautiful bride. But it was not over. My daughter mentioned a while before that she always wanted her car decorated when she got married. And being an organiser I got it sorted. Balloons signs and tin cans were in order as well as a pair of illuminated hearts. With the car trimmed up they then left the Café to the next venue. The Los Abrigados Resort & Spa which was where we thought they were all staying originally.

We went back to our hotels to freshen up and then booked a taxi to take Us, Maz & Dan. But the taxi driver was only across the road so he turned up very quickly. So quick that he almost drove off again before we had a chance to get our selves out and down to him. He was a character who called himself “Gator” and his taxi had cow horns on the bonnet. He then proceeded to tell us that he almost went off again because he had a steak waiting for him across the road which a lady was paying for. I wonder what else he was getting that night. We then had to tell him we needed to pick up another couple, so again he reminded us that he had a steak waiting. Eventually we got everyone to the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa and I’m sure “Gator” got what he wanted too. (His steak of course). The evening started as it was meant to go on drinking hahaha I got a little squiffy but no too bad but I had to stop myself speaking rubbish from time to time and I could not help telling people about our taxi driver named “Croc” hahaha. During this time we had an extra surprise for the married couple.

Their room.

Maz had managed to get hold of their room key with out them knowing and Sue & Maz made their way up with balloons, confetti, handcuffs, silk ribbons (ties) and condoms.

Not sure what they thought when they got there but I’m sure we’ll hear later.

Then the evening was over and it was time for everyone to go. The groom’s family had left earlier by taxi and the English contingency was driven by my ex’s partner (even though he had a drink or 2).

We then phoned for a taxi which took 1 ½ hours to turn up as he had come from Cottonwood (17 miles away)!! Oh well I think we were past caring by that time.
Finally we got back to our motel a little worse for ware but satisfied that the day had gone well and I had gained a son, not lost a daughter. The next day was going to be the start of our vacation. But not until we were both ready to start it.

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