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Sunday - Driving to Sedona

and meeting the in-laws for the 1st time

semi-overcast 23 °C
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As with previous trips to the US I woke up in the early hours as my body clock told me it was gone 9am UK time. Watched TV and dozed until it was time to get up. We went for breakfast and bumped into the others who had gotten in 5 hours late due to missing their connection because of delays in Immigration.

All the discussions about our journeys and breakfast over we packed our car and made for Sedona.

What we found strange was how the scenery and vegetation changed on the way to Sedona. As we left Phoenix we saw loads of cacti like you see in the old western movies, the ones that look as if they have arms. Then as we passed over a ridge it all changed. The vegetation changed and not many of those cacti were about, also the ground colour changed. Then over the next ridge and the vegetation changed again and different ground colour. Then we came across a “brown sign” for Montezuma's castle, which was only a couple of miles off the I17 we were travelling on. It was one of the places we were going to visit after the wedding but as it was early and we were quite close to Sedona we thought we’d make a detour.

It was a bright sunny day and it was nice to be able to stretch our legs and have a break. We quite enjoyed the hour we spent there, as the area was nice too being by a river. We took loads of photos of the area and of Montezuma's castle which is a dwelling that was built in a cliff about 900 years ago and is only accessible by ladders (which tourists are not allowed to do).
Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Ok time to carry on the journey.

A few more miles up the I17 and we took the turn off for Sedona onto the Red Rock Scenic Road, only another 15 miles to go. What a surprise we had. The rest of the journey was only 15 miles, but what fantastic views we had along this road. We stopped quite a few times to take photos as the scenery was breathtaking.
Between I-17 and Sedona

Between I-17 and Sedona

Eventually we hit Sedona, itself surrounded by mountains. Just as we got to our Motel we received a text from Jeremy, my future son in law, asking where we were. After replying and trying to check in (the room would not be ready for 45 mins) we found a restaurant and ordered something to eat and had another text inviting us to lunch but having just ordered we replied saying we’d see them in about an hour.

Our lunch arrived which we really enjoyed and we got into our room. Then drove to find Alyson (my daughter) and the rest of them.

Well it was a good job we had a yellow car because it got us noticed hahaha. We spotted who we thought was Jeremy but it was his brother who looks so much like him. We blew our horn and right away we were spotted. After finding somewhere to park (Sedona is quite popular) we walked back to find them and met up with the in-laws for the 1st time. Alyson was a little upset as she could not get in contact with her mother and the rest of the English lot until just before we got there. She found out that they had stopped off an hour or so away, but they had things that were needed for the reception to be at the Heart Line Café that afternoon!! After all the greetings and calming my daughter down. We discussed what needed to be done that afternoon and evening. Next thing to do was to get the groom and best man’s outfits and my shirt and waistcoat from the hire shop.

We drove down to Cottonwood about 17 miles from Sedona where Jeremy and his family were staying. Picked Jeremy and his brother up from their motel and proceeded to find where they had hired the clothes from. Oooops We could not find them. They had moved. I better explain. Alyson was living in the UK and Jeremy was living in California when they were organising the wedding. And they had managed to arrange most of the wedding whilst on a trip to Sedona a few months before. But since that time the hire company had moved. After getting some directions to where Jeremy thought he remembered where they were, that's when we discoverd the problem. Finally he managed to find their phone number and find exactly where they were. Across the street from his motel!!!! Hahaha Next poor Jeremy had to pick up some brake shoes for his van so he could fit them prior to the wedding the next day, but that’s another story.

That was our running around for the day after we dropped Jeremy and his brother off we went back to our motel to freshen up as we were all going to meet for a meal at Sizzlers in Cottonwood.

After we were ready as pre-arranged, we picked up Maz (Alyson’s friend and bride’s maid) and Dan her partner who were staying a couple of blocks away from us and drove to the restaurant. Later the rest of the English arrived followed by the Americans. We had a good time there and I felt sorry for the poor staff as Alyson’s grand father was playing up and making the staff work for their tips hahaha. I doubt if the waitress who served us will ever read this but I would like to thanks Rosa for making us feel so welcome. We did try to call into see her after the wedding but we just missed her.

Well after our meal it was time to go back to our motel for another well earned rest, as when we wake up, it will be the day of the wedding.

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